Workshop Overview

I provide watercolor workshops on the art of portraiture and still life, focusing on the “chiaroscuro” approach of the old masters, which uses strong light and rich shadow to create intense and dramatic paintings. Workshops include at least one demonstration, illustrating my technique and giving insight into my methods and philosophies. I will discuss setting up vivid still-life compositions, and offer tips on working with a model to create engaging portraits. Special attention will be given to the unique properties of light and shadow, as well as design, value, edges and color.



If you are just starting out, materials can be expensive. I encourage people to spend first on the important things. Do not skimp on your paint, brushes or paper—use professional artists grade materials. Watercolor is a difficult medium, there’s no need to add to the challenge with inferior products. Student grade paint uses less pigment and more binder (filler) so it is difficult to get deep rich color.